lrbz32.exe - Dangerous


Manual removal instructions:

Antivirus Report of lrbz32.exe:
lrbz32.exe Malware
lrbz32.exeHigh Risk
It is a worm that spreads through open network shares and several Windows vulnerabilities.
The worm can act as a backdoor and attack other computers.
It also attempts to kill the processes of many antivirus and security programs.
Attempts to delete files associated with other worms, delete the registry key entries referring to these worms, and terminate processes with the following names:
winhlpp32.exe; tftpd.exe; dllhost.exe; winppr32.exe; mspatch.exe; penis32.exe; msblast.exe
Steals CD-keys from a large number of games.
Gives the creator backdoor access to the system via IRC.
Will attempt to copy itself to systems with weak passwords.

Manual removal:
Navigate to the keys:
Delete the value: "MS Config v13"="lrbz32.exe"

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