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CoolWebSearch parasite related.
Redirecting to, most likely other domains as well.
The difficulty of removing CWS from a user's system has grown from slightly tricky in the first variant to virtually impossible for the latest few.
Some of the variants even used methods of hiding and running themselves that had never been used before in any other spyware strains.
The CWShredder tool to remove Coolwebsearch will always be up to date and is updated as fast as possible when new variants emerge.
We are pretty sure now CoolWebSearch is part of a new strain of trojans that have recently been identified that all have one thing in common: they install through the ByteVerify exploit in the MS Java VM and change the IE homepage, search page, search bar, etc.
It has also been confirmed that 'Index.dat Viewer' changes your IE search pages to, a CWS affiliate page, after installing it.
Uninstalling Index.Dat Viewer will not restore your search pages.

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Jeff's Story:

My PC had gotten a bad rootkit that my ISP antivirus software (powered by McAfee) could not detect, nor could fix.

I sought a solution on the Internet and discovered your product and tried out the trial of UnHackMe.

You quickly found the rootkit and SAVED my PC!

I haven't had any problems since, and I'm extremely grateful.