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Viewpoint Manager for Viewpoint Media Player
It is spyware as bundled with AOL, AOL Instant Messenger, Netscape 7, etc.

Following developers: "Viewpoint Media Player integrates photo-realistic 3D, high-resolution 2D images, Macromedia Flash, audio, and other media formats into HTML pages through a single media host. Essentially a graphics operating system, VMP includes both an ActiveX control and a Netscape plug-in that permits its graphics and online services to be accessed through Web browsers across multiple platforms and over narrowband connections, all while requiring no special server-side software.
This technology can be used for business applications ranging from advertising and e-commerce to online customer service and training."

Viewpoint Media Player collects information about the user.
From the vendor's privacy policy: To provide a satisfying consumer experience and to operate effectively, the Viewpoint Media Player periodically sends information to servers at Viewpoint.
Detected as spyware with some detection programs.

Unused files:
AxMetaStream.dll, ComponentMgr.dll, MetaStreamID.ini, MtsAxInstaller.exe, npViewpoint.dll, npViewpoint.xpt, JpegReader.dll, Mts3Reader.dll, SceneComponent.dll, SreeDMMX.dll, SWFView.dll, WaveletReader.dll

Please, remove this spyware with RegRun Startuip Optimizer.

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