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Manual removal instructions:

ShopAtHomeSelect is a Winsock 2 Layered Service Provider that redirects visits to merchant sites in order to take the affiliate fees from them automatically.
Also known as Golden Retriever.
Bundled with Grokster (around the start of 2003) and iMesh 4. Also installed by the FavoriteMan parasite from May 2003.

It doesn't advertising or privacy violation.
The software can download and execute code from its controlling server, as a silent update feature.

On testing, seemed to cause browser to run quite slowly.

There should be an entry in the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs entry for 'ShopAtHomeSelect Agent'.
Use it to remove the software then restart the computer.

You can delete the damaged '{30402FF4-3E71-4A1C-9B4B-1CD3486A9FB2}' entry inside the 'Downloaded Program Files' folder,
the 'SAHUninstall.exe' file in the 'Windows' folder and 'SahAgent.log' in the root of the C: drive to clean up if you like.

Not required.
Use RegRun Startup Opimizer for removal.

Remove webinstaller.dll now!

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