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Adware or Advertising Software is a computer term of malicious software.
Adware displays the banners to the web pages that you visit.

Antivirus classification name(alias): ADWARE.OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.

OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM infects your installed web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.
$key infects web browsers

OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM infects web browsers.

OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM is often found on Windows 10 systems, but it is also discovered on Windows 7,8, and XP.

OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM risk is considered as Medium.

The common symptoms for the OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM:
  • Advertisement banner with name Ads by OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM.
  • Redirect from a good web page to OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM.
  • Pop up ads.
  • Notification messages from web site: OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM.

How did you get infected by OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM virus?

It is hard to say where you can get it, but most of the time it will come from websites with free downloads that have malware in them.

Here is the usual types of Adware sofware:
  • Youtube/Video Downloaders.
  • Fake browser. You wanted to download Google Chrome, but installed Chromium.
  • Youtube Adblocker is a Fake Adware blocker.
  • Free games from unknown producer.
  • Software Crack or serial code.

How to easily remove OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM virus? (Virus removal guide)

I have enough computer skill to remove virus manually using only my hands and internal Windows utilities.

But it takes a lot of time. It's not easy. Use the manual removal instruction it at your own risk.

Someone told me about UnHackMe.

UnHackMe follows the same remove steps, as I do manually.

But UnHackMe is better, because:

It works very fast. You can save about 2 hours of your life!

UnHackMe has a large, constantly updated, virus database.

UnHackMe includes the special removal tools.

They help to fix access-denied files, to clean the protected registry keys, to scan in the off-line Windows mode.

I asked Dmitry, author of UnHackMe, some questions and I found that he is nice gay, always ready to help.

He offers a service, called 'Help in removal'.

Use Help-In-Removal service if you have troubles in virus removal or you afraid to damage your computer.

UnHackMe is fully free for 30-days without limitations.

Why I don't offer an antivirus for malware removal?

Antivirus is good in removing file viruses.

But the modern malware are fileless.
Virus simply adds its link to your browser and you will see a lot of pop-up ads, redirects, notifications, etc. Also, malware uses the legitimate programs to download and execute malicious code.

UnHackMe is good in removing Adware/Fileless malware/Unwanted programs/Spyware

UnHackMe was created in 2006 to remove rootkits - invisible/stealth viruses.
Now it removes all types of malicious software.

You can check the real reviews of UnHackMe on the Facebook.

Here’s how to remove OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM virus:

STEP 1: Install UnHackMe. (1 minute)

STEP 2: Scan for OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM malware using UnHackMe. (1 minute)

STEP 3: Remove OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM malware. (3 minutes)

STEP 4: (optional) Clean up after virus.

    STEP 1: Install UnHackMe (1 minute).

    1. Download UnHackMe from the official web site.
    2. Double click on Unzip all files from the zip to a new folder.
    3. Double click on the 'unhackme_setup.exe'.
      start install UnHackMe
    4. You will see a confirmation screen with verified publisher: Greatis Software. Choose 'Yes'.
    5. Then you have to accept the license agreement.
      proceed install UnHackMe
    6. And later you have to choose destination to install and finish installation process.
      choose destination directory for install UnHackMe

    STEP 2: Scan for OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM malware using UnHackMe (1 minute).

    1. After that you have to run UnHackMe, and start scanning, you may use fast scan for only 1 minute. But if you have time - I recommend you to run Online Multi-Antivirus + Anti-malware scanning with VirusTotal - it will increase probability of detection not only OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM virus, but the other unwanted software too.
      Start removing virus using UnHackMe
    2. After that the scanning process will begin.
      scan viruses with UnHackMe

    STEP 3: Remove OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM malware (3 minutes).

    1. By the way, UnHackMe shows you everything he found, not only absolutely bad, but suspected and even potentially good. Be careful! Not sure - skip it! But if it is marked as dangerous - trust it. It will be red. Check it and click Remove Checked.
      remove using UnHackMe
    2. After that UnHackMe may ask you for confirmation and advise to close all browsers. Do it.
    3. In case you need to delete file or directory it is better to check 'Use file safe deleting'. Yes, you will need to reboot, but this is best way.
      fix virus with UnHackMe
    4. And after all you will see the results of your scanning and fixing process Was fixed by UnHackMe

STEP 4: (optional) Clear your basket and cache.

  • Well, at first clear your basket. It is very usual, but necessary operation. Simply right click on your basket and choose "Clear".
  • After that you have to clear the cache of your browser. For example, if you use Mozilla Firefox as I do, just go to menu Tools and run Options. Open Privacy tab and check option 'Clear history when Firefox closes'
  • clear history after removed malware virus in firefox
  • Then click Settings at this screen and check options 'Cookies' and 'Cache' as shown at picture.
  • clear cache firefox remove virus
  • After that click OK and close your browser's pages. All information in cache will be removed.
So after all these steps you will have absolutely clean system without any trace of OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM virus. Start using UnHackMe right now to completely protect your PC from malware and unwanted programs!

How to remove OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM virus manually? (Virus removal guide)

  1. Find OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM in the list of installed programs and uninstall it.
  2. how uninstall unwanted adware program from windows
    More info...
  3. Disable Notifications in your browser.
  4. How to Manage Notifications in Your Browsers
    More info...
  5. Open Task Manager and close all programs, which has name OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM in their description. Check the directories where such programs start. Erase all of them too.
  6. check task manager to terminate
    More info...
  7. Disable auto starting of services with OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM in it's name.
  8. run services console
    More info...
  9. Delete tasks with OPEARTIVEINITIATOR.COM in it's name.
  10. run scheduler console to clear
    More info...
  11. Find and delete all keys with virus name in it's content.
  12. run registry editor to find
    More info...
  13. After that, check shortcuts of your browsers if they have additional addresses at the end of command line. Check if shortcuts runs real browsers, not fakes. Remember: Chromium is fake browser, real name have to be Chrome.
  14. check shortcut's end for additional line
  15. Check all plug-ins of all installed browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc., if they have our virus name in their names or directory. You may need to uninstall suspisious exgtensions or totally reset your browser.
  16. check plugins
    More info for Mozilla Firefox...
  17. After that, check settings of search and homepage of your browser. Reset them if needed.
  18. check homepage for changes
  19. Next, you have to check your DNS settings. Follow your provider's instructions, delete all unknown DNS addresses.
    More info...
  20. And at the end, clear your basket, temporal files, browser's cache.
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