IQS.EXE is Trojan ZBot

The file IQS.EXE is identified as a virus dropper.
The dropper IQS.EXE is used for downloading and installing other malware, Trojans, viruses by the commands received from the Command Center.
The file IQS.EXE loads into the computer memory and tries to connect to the dangerous web site.
Usually the IQS.EXE dropper does not infect the files on the computer and does not replicate itself on other computers.
Kill the IQS.EXE process and delete the file IQS.EXE.

Malware Analysis of IQS.EXE
Full path on a computer: %WINDIR%\IQS.EXE

Detected by UnHackMe:

Default location: %WINDIR%\IQS.EXE

Removal Results: Success
Number of reboot: 1

IQS.EXE is known as:

Trojan ZBot

IQS.EXE hash:

    MD5: 1A72B916753FA534F38EAFD1E590E0D3
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