DCSHELPER.EXE is Tools Software for USB modem

The file DCSHELPER.EXE is not a virus.
The program DCSHELPER.EXE is a system security tool.
But the DCSHELPER.EXE tool may be used to compromise computer security by the hacker.
Use the DCSHELPER.EXE file at your own risk!
You can delete the DCSHELPER.EXE program from your computer with problems.

Malware Analysis of DCSHELPER.EXE
Full path on a computer: %CommonAppData%\DataCardService\DCSHelper.exe

Detected by UnHackMe:

Default location: %CommonAppData%\DataCardService\DCSHelper.exe

DCSHELPER.EXE is known as:

Tools.Software for USB modem


  • MD5: 06602aac468bfacd8e5344db0ae3ddd3
How to quickly detect DCSHELPER.EXE presence?

  • %CommonAppData%\DataCardService\DCService.exe
  • %CommonAppData%\DataCardService\DCSHelper.exe
  • %CommonAppData%\DataCardService\HWDeviceService.exe
  • %CommonAppData%\DataCardService\HWDeviceService64.exe
  • %CommonAppData%\DataCardService\log\DCRunService_%UserName%.log
  • %CommonAppData%\DataCardService\log\DCSHelper_%UserName%.log
  • %CommonAppData%\DataCardService\log\DCSHost_SYSTEM.log
  • %CommonAppData%\DataCardService\log\DCSHost_%UserName%.log
  • %CommonAppData%\DataCardService\SETMARKFORSDONCE.dt
  • %Temp%\E220AutoRunLog.tmp_%UserName%

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