IRBUS.DLL is Rootkit ZeroAccess

March 13, 2012 by NightWatcher
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: Solved!

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Rootkit IRBUS.DLL is software that enables continued privileged access to a computer while actively hiding its presence.
Detection and removal of IRBUS.DLL may be a very difficult process.
You should use anti-rootkit software to fix the IRBUS.DLL problem.

Malware Analysis of IRBUS.DLL
Full path on a computer: %SysDir%\irbus.dll

Detected by RegRun Warrior:

Default location: %SysDir%\irbus.dll

Removal Results: Success
Number of reboot: 1

IRBUS.DLL is known as:

Rootkit.ZeroAccess, Trojan.Sirefef


  • MD5: 11028c6a84a967070cb1286550f2058f
The file tries to connect to the dangerous web site.
How to quickly detect IRBUS.DLL presence?

  • %WinDir%\$NtUninstallKB62478$
  • %Appdata%\xkleycwngfhmy3xnyadchnjqm1bronzw2\svcnost.exe
  • %Profile%\start1.exe
  • %SysDir%\dds_trash_log.cmd
  • %SysDir%\irbus.dll

Recommended: UnHackMe anti-rootkit and anti-malware

Premium software: RegRun Security Suite (Good choice for removal and protection)

Written by

Malware Hunter.


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