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Contacts and Support - B-Team

The Greatis B-Team supports the Screen Beagle, Greatis Toys, iGrid, JustType, LangFlash, Poster It! and WinDowse applications as well as all development-related products (including Android Software), Delphi Tips, just4fun network and the web-site. Please feel free to contact the Greatis B-Team using any of the following methods:

Recommended method
Direct E-mail

Alternative methods
LinkedIn LinkedIn
Greatis Developers Group on LinkedIn Greatis Developers Group on LinkedIn
Greatis Software on Facebook Greatis Software on Facebook
Greatis Software on Twitter Greatis Software on Twitter
Greatis Software on Google+ Greatis Software on Google+

Everything about contacts and projects
Dmitry Vasiliev (just.dmitry) Dmitry Vasiliev (just.dmitry)


We answer all questions within 48 hours (actual average replay time less than 24 hours), so if you didn't receive the e-mail answer from us in 72 hours or more, please try to contact us using another e-mail account. Unfortunately, we have many returned messages due to wrong spam filtering at your side.

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Hot Offers
Nostalgia .Net Nostalgia .Net  is the easiest way to use Win32 functionality in your application. Forget Platform Invoke, forget Win32 headache, just use our special classes and components!

Form Designer .Net Form Designer .Net  is an unique solution that allows editing any form in your WinForms .Net application at runtime without manual coding. Your changes can be saved to file or stream and reused for next application run, so you can change layout of your application without rebuilding and redistributing!

Print Suite .Net Print Suite .Net  is a complete solution for printing text, images and grids from within you WinForms .Net applications. Included document designer allows creating complex documents from simple ready-to-use context providers without manual coding.

Gradient Controls .Net Gradient Controls .Net  offers controls with gradient background feature. Decorate your .Net forms without manual coding.
iGrid Plotter iGrid Plotter  allows you to plot drawing grid from within your .Net or VCL application.

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