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Form Designer • IDE-compatible clipboard operations

Form Designer supports VCL-compatible stream format, so the IDE-compatible clipboard is supported too, because the copied components stored in simple text format, like in text DFM file. See the example of the typical clipboard content after copying components from IDE.

object GroupBox1: TGroupBox
  Left = 32
  Top = 72
  Width = 185
  Height = 105
  Caption = 'GroupBox1'
  TabOrder = 2
  object Label1: TLabel
    Left = 32
    Top = 24
    Width = 32
    Height = 13
    Caption = 'Label1'
  object Button2: TButton
    Left = 40
    Top = 56
    Width = 75
    Height = 25
    Caption = 'Button2'
    TabOrder = 0
Form Designer uses 100% compatible format, so the components, copied to clipboard by Form Designer can be pasted not only to the form designed by TFormDesigner at runtime, but into the designed form in the IDE too, and of course components copied from the IDE can be pasted into the form designed by TFormDesigner.

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