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Form Designer
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VCL-compatible file and stream formats
IDE-compatible clipboard operations
ActiveX and frames compatibility
Component palette functions
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DFM Extractor
Control Designer
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Form Designer • Features

  • Realtime alignment lines
  • Axis drag mode
  • Simple methods for creating and placing components at runtime
  • Auto-creating the component containers for the non-visual components when component is added when TFormDesigner is active
  • ShowComponentCaptions property and OnComponentCaptions event for showing and customization the captions of the non-visual components
  • OnComponentBitmap event for customizing the icons of the non-visual components on the edited form
  • OnComponentEditable event for hiding component containers of some non-visual components
  • Non-visual components editing
  • ParentForm public property to change the active designer form
  • DesignControl property for using any control on the form as the design area
  • Saving and loading any component to/from stream
  • Customizable component hint
  • Customizable grabs
  • New synchronization events
  • Functions for creating component palette at runtime
  • Multi-selection
  • Non-visual components support
  • ActiveX forms compatibility
  • Frames compatibility
  • Locking and protecting any controls
  • Customizable design grid
  • Customizable grab handles for multi-select mode
  • Align dialog
  • Size dialog
  • Tab Order dialog
  • Creation Order dialog
  • Alignment palette
  • Colored and resizable grab handles
  • Size/coordinates hints
  • Full support of text and binary DFM-files
  • Saving and loading form to/from stream
  • IDE-compatible clipboard operations
  • FormData property for easy storing and loading form state
  • Full-functional form editor as free demo
  • Free trial version for Delphi and C++ Builder
  • IDE-compatible help file
  • Form Extractor utility
  • Control Designer component
  • Full source codes

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