Remove 9EGX.EXE malware

9EGX.EXE Malware Removal Guide

Manual removal instructions:

Antivirus Report of 9EGX.EXE:
9EGX.EXE Malware
9EGX.EXEHigh Risk
Full path on a computer: %COMMON APPDATA%\AJHQ\9EGX.EXE
Related Files:
%COMMON APPDATA%\MICROSOFT\VAULT\AC658CB4-9126-49BD-B877-31EEDAB3F204\2F1A6504-0641-44CF-8BB5-3612D865F2E5.VSCH
%COMMON APPDATA%\MICROSOFT\VAULT\AC658CB4-9126-49BD-B877-31EEDAB3F204\3CCD5499-87A8-4B10-A215-608888DD3B55.VSCH

The file 9EGX.EXE is malware related.
You must delete the file 9EGX.EXE immediately!

  1. Uninstall 9EGX.EXE using Windows uninstallation applet (use Add/Remove Programs or Uninstall Program or Apps & features).
  2. Open Task Manager and terminate "9EGX.EXE" processes.
  3. Use Windows search to find and remove "9EGX.EXE" files and folders.
  4. Run services.msc and disable a "9EGX.EXE" Windows service.
  5. Execute taskschd.msc to get rid of "9EGX.EXE" scheduled tasks.
  6. Open regedit.exe and delete 9EGX.EXE registry keys and values.
  7. Inspect the properties of your desktop and Start menu shortcuts for 9EGX.EXE presence and "http://" links.
  8. Open your browser and disable 9EGX.EXE plugins. Disable all unknown plugins. Reset the browser settings.
  9. Clean your Recycle bin and temporary files.
  10. Restart your computer and check results.

9EGX.EXE is related to: Gen.Variant.Coantor!c, 9EGX.EXE.
Virustotal = 26/55
MD5 = F35D6633B88E6005E67849CFE022EB14
File Size: 397312

File information:
OriginalFilename: henry.exe
FileDescription: Whilk
InternalName: henry.exe
CompanyName: United Kingdom
FileVersion: 3175
LegalCopyright: Duck Whilk

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