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Manual removal instructions:

Antivirus Report of lannsvc.exe:
lannsvc.exe Malware
lannsvc.exeHigh Risk
W32.Randex.AAS is a network-aware worm, which copies itself to, as the following,
to the computers that have weak administrator passwords: \Admin$\system32\GT.exe; \c$\winnt\system32\GT.exe
The worm receives instructions from an IRC channel on a predetermined IRC server.

Copies itself as %System%\LanNSvc.exe.

Calculates a random IP address for a computer that it will try to infect.
Attempts to authenticate itself to the randomly generated IP addresses.
The worm will try connecting as everyone in the list of users who exist on the remote computer, until it successfully connects or runs out of accounts.
This action results in accounts being locked out due to unsuccessful log-on attempts.
Remotely schedules a task to run the worm on a newly infected computer.

Adds the following value:
"TCP Monitoring"="LanNSvc.exe"
to the registry keys:

Connects to a specific IRC channel on a specific IRC server to receive remote instructions.
Steals the CD key of some games.

Automatic removal:
Use RegRun Startup Optimizer.

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