porn_pic.vbs - Dangerous


Manual removal instructions:

Antivirus Report of porn_pic.vbs:
porn_pic.vbs Malware
porn_pic.vbsHigh Risk
It is a partially encrypted VBS worm that attempts to email itself to every recipient in the Microsoft Outlook address book.

The email has the following characteristics:
Subject: heyy...
Body: Check this file,this is sevenC porn pic & movie
Attachment: Porn_pic.vbs

When it is run, it displays a message containing the following text:
Yesterday my body was attacked by water cow pox they attack my hand,my head,my face they all at my skin
it's hurt you know ?? Very hurt...!! I couldn't go to anywhere
I just stay at home and hope,so that fuckin water cow pox leave my body
Water cow Pox is my enemy...!!

Drops the following files:

Creates a shortcut on the Windows desktop named Porn_pic.jpg, which points to the Porn_pic.jpg.vbs file.

Adds the different values, such as "NoDrives" = "67108863"; "NoClose" = "1"; "NoFind" = "1"; "NoDesktop" = "1"; "NoRun" = "1" etc.
to the registry keys:

Change IE start page to ""

Automatic removal: Use RegRun Startup Optimizer to remove it from startup.

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