usb2.exe - Dangerous


Manual removal instructions:

Antivirus Report of usb2.exe:
usb2.exe Malware
usb2.exeHigh Risk
W32/Forbot-Y is a worm which attempts to spread to remote network shares.
It also contains backdoor Trojan functionality, allowing unauthorised remote access to the infected computer via IRC channels.
Creates its own service named "Win32 USB2 Driver".
Attempts to terminate several processes related to security and anti-virus programes.
Attempts to spread to network machines using various exploits including the LSASS vulnerability.
It is also stealing CD-Key related to various games and allowing intruder to use the infected maching to carry out DDOS, or act as proxy to disguise themselves.

Use RegRun Startup Optimizer to automatically remove it from startup.

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