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XVIDSE~1.EXE is Adware Clkpotato

We received the file XVIDSE~1.EXE and detected that XVIDSE~1.EXE is not good. XVIDSE~1.EXE is Adware. You should remove the file XVIDSE~1.EXE. Kill the process XVIDSE~1.EXE and remove XVIDSE~1.EXE from Windows. Malware Analysis of XVIDSE~1.EXE Full path on a computer: %Temp%\IXP000.TMP\XVIDSE~1.EXE Detected by UnHackMe: XVIDSE~1.EXE Default location: %Temp%\IXP000.TMP\XVIDSE~1.EXE Removal Results: Success Number of reboot: 1 XVIDSE~1.EXE […]