File ASW802.TMP is digitally signed by AVAST Software a.s..
ASW802.TMP is a part of Avast Antivirus software.
ASW802.TMP is located in the %SYSDIR%\DRIVERS\ASW802.TMP.

Version information of ASW802.TMP:

Product name: Avast Antivirus
Product version: 11.1.2253.1653
File Description: avast! HWID
Internal Name: aswHWID.sys
Original Filename: aswHWID.sys
File Version: 11.1.2253.1653
Company Name: AVAST Software
Legal Copyright: Copyright (c) 2014 AVAST Software
File Size: 32792
SHA256 Hash: 75902BB3CBCD3986CC7AA79437FEF88C43E909EA2B96537D6D086A5D9475F22B
VirusTotal Information

Digital Signature Certificate of ASW802.TMP?

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