Using Registry Tracer


Registry Tracer monitors selected registry keys, and advises of changes. It allows you to reverse any modifications, additions, or deletions.

How it works?

It things were changed Registry tracer will alert you.

1)   If a new key was added - it will show a '+'

2)   If a new key was deleted - it will show a '-"

3)   If an existing key was modified it will show a ‘?’
All you do is click the key and you will see the added, deleted or modified values in the right panel.

How does RegRun use Registry Tracer?

RegRun adds recommended registry keys to trace list during installation.

How can I stop tracing or add a new tracing?

Open RegRun Control Center, choose Registry, Registry Tracer.

You can add a key to trace list using registry viewer located in the bottom panel.

Right click and choose "Delete" to remove unwanted Traces.

Internal Tracing

RegRun monitors tracing changes in the file extensions and in the Active Setup key.

Open RegRun Control Center, Options, Registry Tracing.

Additional information

Click on the "What’s this" button to get information about monitored registry key or send a request to support team.


Registry Tracer is available only in the Professional or Gold versions.