Using WinCleaner

WinCleaner is a useful tool to improve the security of your computer.

WinCleaner allows cleaning your system by one click, or in fully automatic mode.

WinCleaner give you the possibility to clear:

      Windows Temporary Files

      Recycle Bin

      Windows Recent Documents Folder

      Scandisk Temporary Files

      Internet Explorer Cache

      Internet Explorer History

      Internet Explorer Cookies

      Netscape Navigator Cache

      Opera Cache

      Any User Defined Folder


Select items to be cleaned by mouse click, or by pressing the Spacebar key.

Use File menu to choose Cleaner Wizard.

It allows to automatically choose user mode:

v    Low Level mode allows to quickly clean your hard drive

v    Medium Level allows to quickly clean all embedded items;

v    High Level allows to wipe all files before deleting them.

Be careful!

If you selected High Level mode you can't restore files by Unerase or another utilities, because WinCleaner fills the files with zero bytes and after that deletes them.


- You may delete only files older than specified number of days.

Double-click on selected item and enter number of days in the Properties dialog.

- You may exclude some files from deletion. For example: "cookies".

Double-click on selected item and click on the Exclude Files "Change" button.

Select files that you want to save.

- If you want to clean your system before computer shutdown.

We suggest you to click on the "Create 'Safe Shutdown' shortcut" button. You will see a new shortcut on your desktop. Click on this shortcut. WinCleaner will be launched in auto mode. After finishing its work WatchDog will check your system for a safe shutdown. If OK, system will be shut immediately.

- In addition you may run WinCleaner in fully automatic mode.

Clicks on the Schedule button to customize time and date of the cleaning.

- How to create Cleaning Shortcut.

Create shortcut to WinCleaner.

Open its properties, add parameter: