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What is vulkaninfo.exe? Should I remove Vulkaninfo.exe malware?

What is vulkaninfo.exe? There are a lot of files detected with name Vulkaninfo.exe. The most popular are: C:\Program Files (x86)\VulkanRT\\Vulkaninfo.exe. c:\windows\system32\Vulkaninfo.exe. VULKANINFO.EXE (64-bit file) MD5: B14FF3A750CDBA33378C4A549B585DFD SHA1: 870A26EC FCF37677 D07661B8 10A6383B EA0F857B SHA256: 746365cb68f65643cd97a4bd6ea54f52087e611634a19e9e911e274ab609a03d File Size: 45 848 File names: vulkaninfo-1-1-0-3-1.exe vulkaninfo-$_0_.exe vulkaninfo.exe vulkaninfo.exe vulkaninfo.exe vulkaninfo-1-1-0-3-1.exe vulkaninfo.exe Signer: LunarG VirusTotal: 0/56 This file is […]

Remove VIDEO.UI.EXE malware

The file VIDEO.UI.EXE is not a virus. The program VIDEO.UI.EXE is a system security tool. But the VIDEO.UI.EXE tool may be used to compromise computer security by the hacker. Use the VIDEO.UI.EXE file at your own risk! You can delete the VIDEO.UI.EXE program from your computer with problems. VIDEO.UI.EXE Information and Removal: VIDEO.UI.EXE is known […]

What is BINGSVC.EXE? How to fix BINGSVC.EXE problem?

What is BINGSVC.EXE? The file BINGSVC.EXE is not a virus. The program BINGSVC.EXE is  a part of Microsoft Bing software. Antivirus testing: 0 / 68 Dangerous Status: Clean Malware Aliases:. MD5 of BINGSVC.EXE = 77C01F1850E55373280A1B865D824F58 BINGSVC.EXE size is 144008 bytes. Full path on a computer: C:\USERS\USER\APPDATA\LOCAL\MICROSOFT\BINGSVC\BINGSVC.EXE BINGSVC.EXE is registered as a system service. Do you […]