Sextortion Scam Stating Xvideos Was Hacked to Record Users Through Webcam

It was discovered that the popular adult site Xvideos was hacked to include malicious script that records a user through their webcam. Then the user gets scam email stating that their personal data was also stolen. This is one of the first real cases of adult site hacking. The data included into scam email is usually from the old data breaches.

The email also threatens user to publish the compromising webcam video unless the payment of 969$ in bitcoin is sent to the hacker. The bitcoin address from the email was used in sextortion scams starting January 2019 and already received more than 3000$ in transactions.

But while the email may be written very convincingly, it is important to remember that it is a scam, and it should be deleted immediately. Sometimes this emails include attachments or links, which are claimed to be webcam videos. Opening this attachments will cause a malware installation like GandCrab and others, so it is highly recommended not to open them.