Windows 10 Update Issue Is Confirmed By Microsoft

Windows 10 Update DNS Issue Is Confirmed By Microsoft

The bug with Windows Update Service was confirmed a few days after Microsoft stated to fix it.

Windows Update errors were reported a lot late January, making service unable to check for updates. The suggested fix for the issue was changing the DNS settings and switching to Google’s public DNS server. With that fix users reported that the Windows Update was restored and it was suggested that Microsoft pushed a silent fix on January 31. However, the issue is still present and Microsoft stated that they are investigating reports.

According to Microsoft statement, the glitch is only present for 1809 Windows version, while previously it was reported by users that the bug is possible to happen for all versions. That is more logical, since the DNS settings are suggested to be blamed for the issue. However, it isn’t clear if only they are to blame since Microsoft haven’t cleared up the situation yet.

The issue is expected to be fixed during February patch Tuesday.