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I can check your PC for malware.
1. Open UnHackMe.
2. Click the "Help in Removal" button on the main screen.
3. Choose "Send Log File to Support Center."
4. Enter your e-mail, name, or nick.
5. Describe your problem.
6. Accept our Privacy Policy.
7. Click the "Upload" button.
If you have any trouble with it, you can manually attach "regrunlog.txt" from your desktop and send it to us by e-mail at support@greatis.com.
I will check your log and send you a solution as soon as possible.
Video lesson: https://greatis.com/send-unhackme-log


Many thanks for answering
the problem has cleared itself up and Emails are okay in and out
Ive waited a couple of days to see if the problem returned but all seems well
I cross checked across two computers at the time and my lap top corrected first followed by the Computer I use daily
thanks again

Welcome to Free Help in Malware Removal! Please, describe your problem with details, attach screenshots, log files, etc. This will speedup the problem solving.