Want your language? No problem! Begin your translation!

It is easy. You will get BootRacer Business for free!

Download : Files for translation

Simple instruction:

Open the bootrace.nat in Notepad

1. Open the bootrace.nat in Notepad
( I prefer Notepad++. It is free, cool and Unicode compatible )

Skip Translate
Caption= Please be patient...
; 400

2. Save your file in Unicode (UTF-8) format.

3. Test your translation
Test your translation.

Open BootRacer. Click "Advanced", "Language", "Switch to your Native Language".

4. Also, using the same way, translate "license.rtf" and "readme.txt". If you are able to translate help manual, please, download it.

5. Zip your files and send us

Thank you!

  1. Thank you Tony Di Colore!
  2. Thank you Alexey Lugin!
  3. Thank you Roland Fischer!
  4. Thank you Drake4478!
  5. Thank you Messias Daflon!
  6. Thank you Martin Cortes!
  7. Thank you H.A.
  8. Thank you Alessandro!
  9. Thank you Ake!
  10. Thank you Andrzej!
  11. Thank you Jaehyung Lee!
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