WinDowse • Features

An extremely convenient tool for obtaining necessary technical information about any window, best Borland's WinSight replacement. Place a mouse cursor on a window, and WinDowse will show all about the window:

"Window" tab

  • text, caption or resource ID
  • process ID
  • application instance
  • window handle
  • parent window handle
  • window function address
  • window menu handle
  • coordinates in parent
  • coordinates in screen
  • window size
  • window client area size
  • window style and extended style
"Class" tab
  • class name
  • class function address
  • icon and small icons handles
  • cursor handle
  • background brush handle
  • module handle
  • class style
"Parents" tab
  • list of parent hierarhy
"Children" tab
  • list of children
"Digger" tab
  • list of windows placed under the mouse cursor
"Tree" tab
  • full tree of all windows in the system
  • finding window by text, class name and handle
"Executable" tab
  • exe file path
  • exe file name
  • original file name
  • file description
  • file version
  • product name
  • internal name
  • legal copyright
  • legal trademarks
  • product version
  • company name
  • comments
"Modules" tab
  • list of modules used by selected window's application with full paths
"Modify" tab
  • modifying window's text, origin, size, visibility, etc.
  • plugins system for simple adding new features to WinDowse
"Graphics" tab
  • absolute (screen) cursor position
  • relative cursor position on window coordinates
  • relative cursor position on window client area coordinates
  • color of the pixel under mouse cursor
  • screen capture tools: display, zoom, copy, save
All parameters can be shown in hexadecimal, decimal or binary formats. Upon activation, WinDowse displays a continous readout as the user moves the mouse about the screen - switching back and forth between separate or nested windows. At any time the continuous readout can be frozen by a click of the mouse, and the data for that window studied in detail. WinDowse also allows results to be copied directly to the clipboard. Each field of the analysis is supplied with context-sensitive help explaining "what is".