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.NET Components for Visual Studio .NET, Delphi 8, Delphi 2005 and Delphi 2006
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.NET Initiative of Greatis Software
Greatis Software announces .NET Initiative and presents the products for .NET developers.


       Nostalgia .NET.

.Net is powerful, but not all-powerful, so sometimes we need to use Win32 API for our .Net applications. It's simple enough with Platform Invoke if you have Win32 skill, but we do not always have time to dig the ancient documentation, declare the special types that are compatible with Win32, find the values of the Win32's constants and so on. Nostalgia .Net offers several simple-to-use classes, components and controls that will allow you to forget about the headache of Win32 and just use the power of Win32 in your application the same way as you use the native. Net classes.

Nostalgia .Net Demo
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       Form Designer .NET.

This is high-tech software which allows to change any form of .NET Windows Forms application at runtime exactly like standard .NET form designer used in any .NET IDE. Current version works inder .Net 2.0 or later and can be used with Visual Studio 2005 or later.

Form Designer .NET does not need to prepare designed form, so you can customize any form in your application at runtime with easy. You can see anything about using the component in the included demo projects and documentation.

Form Designer .Net
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       Print Suite .NET.

We released the new Print Suite .Net. It is complete, flexible and moderate solution for printing complex documents from .Net applications.

Print Suite .NetPrint Suite Documentm Editor

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       iGrid Plotter.

iGrid Plotter allows you to plot drawing grid from within your .Net application. Orthogonal, axonometric (with presets for most popular projections) and handwriting grids are supported.

iGrid Plotter

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       Gradient Controls .NET.

Controls for .Net WinForms with gradient background feature.

Gradient Controls examples

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We have published new project about .Net - MegaDetailed.Net. This huge website (175,000 pages!) contains complete information about .Net assemblies, namespaces, types and members, including undocumented ones. Much more than MSDN, much faster than MSDN. Must-visit site for each .Net programmer.

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Conway's Life for .NET.

This is a "just-for-fun" project that presents C# .NET realization of best-know cellular "Life" algorith from John Conway. It includes full-functional Life application with editable field and .NET Life control. Absolutely free... and full source code included!
Conway's Life for .NET
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