Take your Control over Windows updates!

Version: 2.0.52 (Updated March 21 2019)

How to finally stop Windows 10 updates and upgrades?

Windows updates

I like updates! I like new free updates!

But it's really frustrating to me, that Windows 10 breaks my work and reboots my PC to install their update/upgrades. Unfortunately, there is no way to fully stop updating using the Windows interface.

Why StopUpdates10?

Early, you can stop Windows update service to block updates. But it does not work with latest build of Windows 10. Windows 10 is able to restore Windows update quietly in the background using a special "WAAS Medic" service and some scheduled tasks.

This why I created a small utility StopUpdates10 that gets back control over updates to me.

Take control of your life and Windows updates!

StopUpdates10 permanently stops Windows updates!

StopUpdates10 Screenshots


 Restore Updates 

 Stop Updates 


  • Stop Windows updates.
  • Stop forced upgrades.
  • Stop annoying upgrade notifications.
  • Easy Undo! Click 'Restore' button to undo all changes.


  1. StopUpdates10 does not delete files, does not change file rights or another destructive actions.
  2. StopUpdates10 is small and easy in use.
  3. StopUpdates10 is free of charge.

How StopUpdates10 works?

  1. StopUpdates10 creates the policy registry keys to block updates.
    This works for Windows 7-8. Microsoft skips their policy in the latest Windows 10 versions.
  2. StopUpdates10 blocks execution of several processes used for updating, related to Windows Upgrade Assistant, Windows as a Service Medic.
  3. StopUpdates10 blocks Windows Update service using a blocking service: Updates Guard. Also, it blocks Windows Update Medic Service ("WaasMedicSvc").

StopUpdates10 is safe to use!

StopUpdates10 does not delete files on your system, does not change permissions of the Windows registry keys or files.

Updates Guard

StopUpdates Guard

Updates Guard is a system service, working in the background.

It polls an activity of Windows update service. If Updates Guard detects the starting (or changing autostart) of Windows Update service (Wuauserv"), Guard will disable it.

Default polling interval is 5 seconds. It may be customized using stopupdates10.ini file.

Updates Guard is started automatically. It takes a little bit of system resources.

You don't need to hold open the StopUpdates10 application.

Your system is automatically protected by Updates Guard.

Take Windows updates under your control!

Download StopUpdates10 - Version: 2.0.50 (1Mb). Localized to 12 languages. Install/uninstall is included.

System Requirements

Windows 7/8/8.1/10 32-bit or 64-bit. Windows Home is supported!


Freeware (commercial usage is allowed).

No adware/malware/spyware!

  • Tested by 61 antiviruses using VirusTotal - Clean (0/62)
  • Tested by 59 antiviruses using VirusTotal - Clean (0/59)

Known Issues!

BitDefender Total security and Checkpoint ZoneAlarm block access to the registry for StopUpdates10!

You can see a message "Updates are partially disabled".


  1. Stop ZoneAlarm real-time monitoring.
  2. Disable updates using StopUpdates10.
  3. Activate ZoneAlarm real-time monitoring.

StopUpdates10 Portable

Download StopUpdates10 Portable

StopUpdates10 Quick Look

How to uninstall StopUpdates10?

Use a Windows standard way to uninstall applications.

Windows 10

  1. Open Windows Start menu.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Click Apps & Features.
  4. Locate StopUpdates10 in the list.
  5. Ask 'Yes' if you see Windows 'User Account Control' question:
    Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?
  6. Choose 'Uninstall'.
Also, you can open an alternative way to start uninstaller.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\StopUpdates10\unins000.exe"


Windows update will be automatically restored after uninstall!


Version 2.0.52
  • Disabled Windows 7 End-of-Service screen during startup (KB4493132).
  • Updated Spashish Translation.
Version 2.0.51
  • Added Ukrainian, Arabic translations.
  • Updated Czech, Portuguese Brazilian.
  • Fixed a small bug.
Version 2.0.50
  • Added blocking of Windows Update Medic service (WaasMedicSvc).
    Windows Update Medic can reactivate update service.
    StopUpdates10 blocks "WaasMedicSvc" automatically using Updates Guard service.
    Windows service manager cannot disable "WaasMedicSvc".
    StopUpdates10 is able to do it using direct registry change.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect checking of the service state.
  • Fixed bug with uninstalling.
  • New web site.
Version 2.0.34
  • Added Japanese (Meiryo Font) translation.
  • Updated previous Japanese translation.
Version 2.0.33
  • Updated Japanese translations.
Version 2.0.32
  • Updated German translation.
  • Updated Korean translation.
  • Updated Chinese translation.
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation.
Version 2.0.31
  • Updated Greek translation.
  • Updated Czech translation.
  • Updated BrazilianPortuguese translation.
  • Updated Italian translation.
Version 2.0.30
  • Added Updates Guard.
  • Added Hungarian translation.
Version 1.10.19
  • Added Greek translation.
  • Redesigned.
Version 1.10.18
  • Added Czech translation.
Version 1.10.17
  • Added Korean translation.
Version 1.10.16
  • Added Italian translation.
Version 1.10.15
  • Added translation to German language.
Version 1.10.14
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translation.
Version 1.10.13
  • Added French translation.
Version 1.10.12
  • Added Spanish translation.
Version 1.10.11
  • Added "Chinese Traditional" localization.
Version 1.10.10
  1. Fine-tune settings for power users. Open main menu, "File", "Settings" to reach it.
  2. Create Localization Kit. You can localize StopUpdate10 in a 10 minutes.
  3. Included localization to the Russian language.
Version 1.07
  1. Fixed a bug with blocking updates on some Windows builds.
  2. Updated design.

Automate using StopUpdates10

You may use StopUpdates10 in your batch files or scripts.

Check that you use it with Administrator account.

Disable Windows updates:

StopUpdates10.exe /disable

Eenable Windows updates:

StopUpdates10.exe /restore


Already translated:

  1. Russian
  2. Chinese Traditional - Thank you to Danfong Hsieh!
  3. Spanish - Thank you to Pedro Luis Larrosa!
  4. French - Thank you to Xypno!
  5. Brazilian Portuguese - Thank you to WNantes!
  6. German - Thank you to Karsten!
  7. Italian - Thank you to Paolo!
  8. Korean - Thank you to 김영찬!
  9. Czech - Thank you to Filip!
  10. Greek - Thank you to Geogeo!
  11. Hungarian - Thank you to Balogh Béla!
  12. Japanese - Thank you to Kumarinecity_Kisa!
  13. Ukrainian - Thank you to Denis Zabiyako
  14. Arabic - Thank you to lculator Zaloom

How to translate StopUpdates10 to your language?

  1. Unzip to any folder.
  2. Refer to "how_to_translate.txt" manual for instructions.
Download Translation Kit

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