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I request a lot of assistance fast because yesterday I had accidentally downloaded a fake emulator that happened to be PowerSearch virus, now exactly 24 hours after I noticed I see that there are 5 100% deadly viruses detected by SpyHunter5, whenever that happened I instantly started to panic and I started to scan my computer on this program and on SpyHunter5 and It seemed there was nothing detected, and I've been nothing but paranoid about potential viruses since yesterday night. I can't tell if that was a false alarm or a real alarm but the virus hid itself before I could scan my whole computer. I kindly ask that you please lead my way here as I have just a little experience with computers despite my generation being very aware of technology. Please help me if possible. I'm insecure about the viruses knowing my full name so I shortened it down.

Nathan G.
5/19/22 3:15AM CST

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I will help you!

  1. Open UnHackMe,
  2. Click the "Help in Removal" button on the main screen.
  3. Choose "Send us RegRunLog".
  4. Enter your e-mail, name, or nick.
  5. Describe your problem.
  6. Accept our Privacy Policy.
  7. Click the "Upload" button.
    If you have any trouble with it, you can manually attach "regrunlog.txt" from your desktop and send us by e-mail to support@greatis.com.
    I will check your log and send you a solution as soon as possible.


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