What is the "Help in Removal" Service?

  1. "Help in Removal" is the best way to fix malware issues, if you are not tech-savvy, and you afraid to damage your system.
    "Help in Removal" is a free service!
  2. How does it work?
    • You send a special log file (regrunlog.txt), created by UnHackMe software.
    • The UnHackMe support team analyzes your file and creates a special solution file (RNR.rnr).
    • You open the RNR file and UnHackMe fixes your issues.
    • You need to restart your computer and send a new log file (regrunlog.txt) for checking results.
  3. Open UnHackMe.
    Click the "Help in Removal" button.
  4. Click the Send us RegRunlog.
  5. Wait for creating the log.
  6. Fill in the sending form.
    You need to add your e-mail address for contact.
    Add your nick or name. Describe your problem with details.
    Check the Privacy box.
  7. That's OK!
    Your message uploaded on the server.
    You will get a reply shortly.

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