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I have powershell.exe problem and it keep starting again when i close it from the task manager it takes about 20% from the cpu usage.
please help!

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I will help you!

Download UnHackMe:
1. Open UnHackMe,
2. Click the "Help in Removal" button on the main screen.
3. Choose "Send us RegRunLog."
4. Enter your e-mail, name, or nick.
5. Describe your problem.
6. Accept our Privacy Policy.
7. Click the "Upload" button.
If you have any trouble with it, you can manually attach "regrunlog.txt" from your desktop and send us by e-mail to support@greatis.com.
I will check your log and send you a solution as soon as possible.



Thank you for your help.

the problem was with OMEN gaming hub.

it was running PowerShell every 10 sec.

when I unstilled it my device worked without problems.

thank you again.

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You are welcome!

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