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 cacls.exe - Utilities - Vista

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cacls.exe is a part of Windows Vista.

Relate to: Security, File system, Console

Default location: %WinDir%\System32\cacls.exe

Useful information about: cacls.exe

Description: Control ACLs Program

Version: 6.0.6000.16386 (vista_rtm.061101-2205)

Size: 25600 (25K)

MD5: 6F93DDCC30701ADE4F178869DF33C05E

Cacls.exe displays or modifies access control lists (ACLs) of files.

NOTE: Cacls is now deprecated, please use Icacls.

CACLS filename [/T] [/M] [/L] [/S[: SDDL]] [/E] [/C] [/G user:perm]

[/R user [...]] [/P user: perm [...]] [/D user [...]]

filename Displays ACLs.

/T Changes ACLs of specified files in

the current directory and all subdirectories.

/L Work on the Symbolic Link itself versus the target

/M Changes ACLs of volumes mounted to a directory

/S Displays the SDDL string for the DACL.

/S: SDDL Replaces the ACLs with those specified in the SDDL string

(not valid with /E, /G, /R, /P, or /D).

/E Edit ACL instead of replacing it.

/C Continue on access denied errors.

/G user: perm Grant specified user access rights.

Perm can be: R Read

W Write

C Change (write)

F Full control

/R user Revoke specified user's access rights (only valid with /E).

/P user: perm Replace specified user's access rights.

Perm can be: N None

R Read

W Write

C Change (write)

F Full control

/D user Deny specified user access.

Wildcards can be used to specify more that one file in a command.

You can specify more than one user in a command.


CI - Container Inherit.

The ACE will be inherited by directories.

OI - Object Inherit.

The ACE will be inherited by files.

IO - Inherit Only.

The ACE does not apply to the current file/directory.

ID - Inherited.

The ACE was inherited from the parent directory's ACL.

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