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 ComSvcConfig.exe - Utilities - Vista

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Relate to: Network, Console, Internet

Default location: %WinDir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.0\Windows Communication Foundation\ComSvcConfig.exe

Useful information about: ComSvcConfig.exe

Description: ComSvcConfig.exe

Version: 3.0.4506.25 (WAPRTM.004506-0026)

Size: 159744 (156K)

MD5: 9DB445C6889A793D4B86087BB11A7B53

The COM+ Service Model Configuration command-line tool (ComSvcConfig.exe) enables you to configure COM+ interfaces to be exposed as Web services.


ComSvcConfig.exe mode [Options]

- MODE -


Configure Service Model integration for an application's component interfaces (short form /i)


Uninstall Service Model integration for an applications interfaces (short for m /u)


List applications and interfaces that are configured for Service Model integration (short form /l)



Specify the COM+ application to configure (short form /a)


Specify the interface and methods (optional) to be configured (short form /c)


Specify that object reference parameters are permitted (short form /r)


Specify the hosting process for the Service Model services (short form /h)


Specify the web site for web hosting (short form /w)


Specify the virtual directory for web hosting (short form /d)


Include an additional WS-MetadataExchange endpoint (short form /x)


Displays the application,component and interface information as identifiers (short form /k)


Prevent ComSvcConfig from displaying logo (short form /n)


Shows all warnings (short form /v)

/? or /help

Display this usage message


ComSvcConfig.exe /install /application: TestApp /contract:* /hosting:complus

ComSvcConfig.exe /install /application: TestApp /contract:TestComponent,ITest /hosting:was /webDirectory:testdir /mex

ComSvcConfig.exe /list

ComSvcConfig.exe /list /hosting: complus

ComSvcConfig.exe /list /hosting: was

ComSvcConfig.exe /uninstall /application: OnlineStore /contract:* /hosting:complus

ComSvcConfig.exe /uninstall /application: OnlineStore /contract:* /hosting:was

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