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 cscript.exe - Utilities - Vista

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Relate to: System utility, Console, Programming

Default location: %WinDir%\System32\cscript.exe

Useful information about: cscript.exe

Description: Microsoft (R) Console Based Script Host


Size: 114688 (112K)

MD5: 9AB98B92D8D1934FD30CB939A8E66BE6

Cscript.exe is a command-line version of the Windows Script Host that provides command-line options for setting script properties.

Usage: CScript scriptname.extension [option...] [arguments...]


//B Batch mode: Suppresses script errors and prompts from displaying

//D Enable Active Debugging

//E: engine Use engine for executing script

//H: CScript Changes the default script host to CScript.exe

//H: WScript Changes the default script host to WScript.exe (default)

//I Interactive mode (default, opposite of //B)

//Job: xxxx Execute a WSF job

//Logo Display logo (default)

//Nologo Prevent logo display: No banner will be shown at execution time

//S Save current command line options for this user

//T: nn Time out in seconds: Maximum time a script is permitted to run

//X Execute script in debugger

//U Use Unicode for redirected I/O from the console

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