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 find.exe - Utilities - Vista

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find.exe is a part of Windows Vista.

Relate to: File system, Console

Default location: %WinDir%\System32\find.exe

Useful information about: find.exe

Description: Find String (grep) Utility

Version: 6.0.6000.16386 (vista_rtm.061101-2205)

Size: 13312 (13K)

MD5: D075963C1F8AA7C1B96CCA5B0AD0E243

Find.exe searches for a text string in a file or files.


FIND [/V] [/C] [/N] [/I] [/OFF[LINE]] "string" [[drive: ][path]filename[ ...]]

/V Displays all lines NOT containing the specified string.

/C Displays only the count of lines containing the string.

/N Displays line numbers with the displayed lines.

/I Ignores the case of characters when searching for the string.

/OFF[LINE] Do not skip files with offline attribute set.

"string" Specifies the text string to find.

[drive: ][path]filename

Specifies a file or files to search.

If a path is not specified, FIND searches the text typed at the prompt

or piped from another command.

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Constantly updated. Last update: October 13 2008

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