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 ilasm.exe - Utilities - Vista

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Relate to: System Management, Programming

Default location: %WinDir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\ilasm.exe

Useful information about: ilasm.exe

Description: Microsoft .NET Framework IL assembler

Version: 2.0.50727.312 (rtmLHS.050727-3100)

Size: 218624 (213K)

MD5: 69957D9CFFC077C46697FC1C14B58B9A

MSIL Assembler (Ilasm.exe) generates a portable executable (PE) file from Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL).

Usage: ilasm [Options] [Options]


/NOLOGO Don't type the logo

/QUIET Don't report assembly progress

/NOAUTOINHERIT Disable inheriting from System.Object by default

/DLL Compile to .dll

/EXE Compile to .exe (default)

/PDB Create the PDB file without enabling debug info tracking

/DEBUG Disable JIT optimization, create PDB file, use sequence points from PDB

/DEBUG=IMPL Disable JIT optimization, create PDB file, use implicit sequence points

/DEBUG=OPT Enable JIT optimization, create PDB file, use implicit sequence points

/OPTIMIZE Optimize long instructions to short

/FOLD Fold the identical method bodies into one

/CLOCK Measure and report compilation times

/RESOURCE= Link the specified resource file (*.res)

into resulting .exe or .dll

/OUTPUT= Compile to file with specified name

(user must provide extension, if any)

/KEY= Compile with strong signature

( contains private key)

/KEY=@ Compile with strong signature

( is the private key source name)

/INCLUDE= Set path to search for #include'd files

/SUBSYSTEM= Set Subsystem value in the NT Optional header

/FLAGS= Set CLR ImageFlags value in the CLR header

/ALIGNMENT= Set FileAlignment value in the NT Optional header

/BASE= Set ImageBase value in the NT Optional header (max 2GB for 32-bit images)

/STACK= Set SizeOfStackReserve value in the NT Optional header

/MDV= Set Metadata version string

/MSV=. Set Metadata stream version (.)

/PE64 Create a 64bit image (PE32+)

/NOCORSTUB Suppress generation of CORExeMain stub

/STRIPRELOC Indicate that no base relocations are needed

/ITANIUM Target processor: Intel Itanium

/X64 Target processor: 64bit AMD processor

/ENC= Create Edit-and-Continue deltas from specified source file

Key may be '-' or '/'

Options are recognized by first 3 characters

Default source file extension is .il

Target defaults:

/PE64 => /PE64 /ITANIUM


/X64 => /PE64 /X64

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