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 iscsicli.exe - Utilities - Vista

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iscsicli.exe is a part of Windows Vista.

Relate to: Network, Security, Device management

Default location: %WinDir%\System32\iscsicli.exe

Useful information about: iscsicli.exe

Description: iSCSI Discovery tool

Version: 6.0.6000.16386 (vista_rtm.061101-2205)

Size: 144384 (141K)

MD5: 96C1E45CDFE79FF9684B76CF16BC2C13

Iscsicli.exe is a command-line tool for managing iSCSI device connections and security.



iscsicli AddTarget


iscsicli RemoveTarget

iscsicli AddTargetPortal

[HBA Name] [Port Number]

iscsicli RemoveTargetPortal [HBA Name

] [Port Number]

iscsicli RefreshTargetPortal [HBA Nam

e] [Port Number]

iscsicli ListTargets [ForceUpdate]

iscsicli ListTargetPortals

iscsicli TargetInfo [Discovery Mechanism]

iscsicli LoginTarget


iscsicli LogoutTarget

iscsicli PersistentLoginTarget


iscsicli ListPersistentTargets

iscsicli RemovePersistentTarget

iscsicli AddConnection


iscsicli RemoveConnection

iscsicli ScsiInquiry

iscsicli ReadCapacity

iscsicli ReportLUNs

iscsicli ReportTargetMappings

iscsicli ListInitiators

iscsicli AddiSNSServer

iscsicli RemoveiSNSServer

iscsicli RefreshiSNSServer

iscsicli ListiSNSServers

iscsicli NodeName

iscsicli SessionList

iscsicli CHAPSecret

iscsicli TunnelAddr el Address>

iscsicli GroupKey

iscsicli BindPersistentVolumes

iscsicli BindPersistentDevices

iscsicli ReportPersistentDevices

iscsicli AddPersistentDevice

iscsicli RemovePersistentDevice

iscsicli ClearPersistentDevices

iscsicli Ping

[Request Count] [Request Size] [Request


iscsicli GetPSKey

iscsicli PSKey

Quick Commands

iscsicli QLoginTarget [CHAP Username] [CHAP Password]

iscsicli QAddTarget

iscsicli QAddTargetPortal

[CHAP Username] [CHAP Password]

iscsicli QAddConnection

[CHAP Username] [CHAP Password]

Target Mappings:

is the LUN value the target uses to expose the LUN.

It must be in the form 0x0123456789abcdef

is the bus number the OS should use to surface the LUN

is the target number the OS should use to surface the LUN

is the LUN number the OS should use to surface the LUN

Payload Id Type:

ID_IPV4_ADDR is 1 - Id format is

ID_FQDN is 2 - Id format is ComputerName

ID_IPV6_ADDR is 5 - Id form is IPv6 Address

Security Flags:

TunnelMode is 0x00000040

TransportMode is 0x00000020

PFS Enabled is 0x00000010

Aggressive Mode is 0x00000008

Main mode is 0x00000004

IPSEC/IKE Enabled is 0x00000002

Valid Flags is 0x00000001

Login Flags:


IPsec is required for the operation


Multipathing is enabled for the target on this initiator



No iSCSI in-band authenticiation is used


One way CHAP (Target authenticates initiator is used)


Mutual CHAP (Target and Initiator authenticate each other is used)

Target Flags:


If this flag is set then the target will never be reported unless it

is also discovered dynamically.


If this flag is set then the target information passed will be

merged with any target information already statically configured for

the target

CHAP secrets, CHAP passwords and IPSEC preshared keys can be specified as

a text string or as a sequence of hexadecimal values. The value specified on

the command line is always considered a string unless the first two characters

0x in which case it is considered a hexadecimal value.

For example 0x12345678 specifies a 4 byte secret

All numerical values are assumed decimal unless preceeded by 0x. If

preceeded by 0x then value is assumed to be hex

iscsicli can also be run in command line mode where iscsicli commands

can be entered directly from the console. To enter command line

mode, just run iscsicli without any parameters

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