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 wevtutil.exe - Utilities - Vista

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wevtutil.exe is a part of Windows Vista.

Relate to: System Management, Console

Default location: %WinDir%\System32\wevtutil.exe

Useful information about: wevtutil.exe

Description: Eventing Command Line Utility

Version: 6.0.6000.16386 (vista_rtm.061101-2205)

Size: 160256 (156K)

MD5: EDD3161EB733135BA9A46C38B3C5F091

Wevtutil.exe is used for retrieve information about event logs and publishers, install

and uninstall event manifests, run queries, and export, archive and clear logs.


You can use either the short (i.e. ep /uni) or long (i.e. enum-publishers /unicode) version of the command and option names. Commands, options and option values are case-insensitive.




el (enum-logs) List log names.

gl (get-log) Get log configuration information.

sl (set-log) Modify configuration of a log.

ep (enum-publishers) List event publishers.

gp (get-publisher) Get publisher configuration information.

im (install-manifest) Install event publishers and logs from manifest.

um (uninstall-manifest) Uninstall event publishers and logs from manifest.

qe (query-events) Query events from a log or log file.

gli (get-log-info) Get log status information.

epl (export-log) Export a log.

al (archive-log) Archive an exported log.

cl (clear-log) Clear a log.

Common options:

/r: VALUE (remote)

If specified, run command on a remote computer. VALUE is the remote computer name.

Note, im (install-manifest) and um (uninstall-manifest) do not support remote


/u: VALUE (username)

Specify a different user to log on to remote computer. VALUE is a user name

in the form domain\user or user. Only applicable when option /r (remote) is


/p: VALUE (password)

Password for the specified user. If not specified or VALUE is "*", user will be

prompted to enter a password. Only applicable when /u (username) option is


/a: VALUE (authentication)

Authentication type for connecting to remote computer. VALUE can be Default,

Negotiate, Kerberos or NTLM. The default is Negotiate.

/uni: VALUE (unicode)

Display output in Unicode. VALUE can be true or false. If VALUE is true then out

put is in Unicode.

To learn more about a specific command, type the following:

wevtutil COMMAND /?

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Constantly updated. Last update: October 13 2008

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