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 whoami.exe - Utilities - Vista

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whoami.exe is a part of Windows Vista.

Relate to: Network, System Management, Console

Default location: %WinDir%\System32\whoami.exe

Useful information about: whoami.exe

Description: whoami - displays logged on user information

Version: 6.0.6000.16386 (vista_rtm.061101-2205)

Size: 43520 (42K)

MD5: EFBD70C387890CDD9B62E7725605F36A

WhoAmI.exe is used to get user name and group information along with the respective security identifiers (SID), privileges, logon identifier (logon ID) for the current user (access token) on the local system. i.e. who is the current logged on user? If no switch is specified, tool displays the user name in NTLM format (domain\username).

WhoAmI.exe has three ways of working:

Syntax 1:


Syntax 2:

WHOAMI { [/USER] [/GROUPS] [/PRIV] } [/FO format] [/NH]

Syntax 3:

WHOAMI /ALL [/FO format] [/NH]

Parameter List:

/UPN Displays the user name in User Principal

Name (UPN) format.

/FQDN Displays the user name in Fully Qualified

Distinguished Name (FQDN) format.

/USER Displays information on the current user

along with the security identifier (SID).

/GROUPS Displays group membership for current user,

type of account, security identifiers (SID)

and attributes.

/PRIV Displays security privileges of the current


/LOGONID Displays the logon ID of the current user.

/ALL Displays the current user name, groups

belonged to along with the security

identifiers (SID) and privileges for the

current user access token.

/FO format Specifies the output format to be displayed.

Valid values are TABLE, LIST, CSV.

Column headings are not displayed with CSV

format. Default format is TABLE.

/NH Specifies that the column header should not

be displayed in the output. This is

valid only for TABLE and CSV formats.

/? Displays this help message.

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Constantly updated. Last update: October 13 2008

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