Window Finder

Component That Can Find And Control Any Window for VCL

For all versions of Delphi and C++ Builder from 3 to 10.2 Tokyo and for all versions of Windows from XP to 10

Window Finder allows to find any window in your system and control it with one simple call of the component's Find method.

You can find window...

  • contained VCL object. TWindowFinder component will find the form of your application by any component from VCLObject property. Also you can assign to this property any form itsef manually from your code.
  • ...that is curently on top of your desktop.
  • its class name. For instance, to find and control the Notepad's window just assign 'notepad' to WindowClass as WindowClass and set Mode property to fmWindowClass. You can know class name of any window of your system with our free WinDowse utility.
  • its title. Just assign window's title to WindowTitle property.
  • ...both by its class name and title.
  • handle. Assign known window's handle to WindowHandle property.
Finding window is just a first part of the complete story. When window is found you can apply any of the following actions to this window:
  • Flash window. If the window has button in the Windows' task bar, this button flashes too
  • Bring window to top of your desktop
  • Send window to back of your desktop
  • Make window topmost
  • Make window non-topmost
  • Maximize window
  • Minimize window
  • Restore previous state, size and position of window
  • Show window
  • Hide window
  • Close window
You can choose one of more of these actions and change their order in OnActionOrder event. Daly property controls delay between calling the actions, if several actions are selected.

TWindowFinder Interface

function Find: Boolean;
Main method of the component. It finds window and runs the actions if the window was found. It has no parameters and gets search parameters from other properties.

property LastFound: THandle;
This read-only property contains handle of last found window and 0 is window was not found. You can use this handle for more detailed processing of the window through WinAPI or use TWindowFinder for window finding only, if no action was selected.

property Mode: TFindMode;
Find mode. TWindowFinder can find window by VCL object, findtop window, find window by its class name, title and handle.

property Actions: TFindActions;
Set of possible actions that can be applied to found window. You can flash window, bring it to top, send it to back, make topmost and non-topmost, minimize, maximize, restore, hide, show and close.

property VCLObject: TComponent;
If the Mode is fmVCLObject, TWindowFinder will try to find the form that contains component linked by this property.

property WindowClass: string;
If the Mode is fmWindowClass or fmWindowClassAndTitle, TWindowFinder will try to find window with entered class name.

property WindowTitle: string;
If the Mode is fmWindowTitle or fmWindowClassAndTitle, TWindowFinder will try to find window with entered class title.

property WindowHandle: THandle;
If the Mode is fmWindowHandle, TWindowFinder will try to find window with entered handle. property Delay: Integer;
Delay between running actions in milliseconds.

property OnActionOrder: TOnActionOrderEvent;
Event that fires each time when running action. With this event you can reorder actions runnig order by setting Action value for passed Index.

Window Finder component suite includes demo project that demonstrates main features of TWindowFinder component:

Window Finder component demo

Download free demo, order full source code right now!