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Delphi / C++ Builder
Components, utilities and tips for Delphi and C++ Builder developers
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Components for Delphi and C++ Builder

Runtime Editors Components

Form Designer   Form Designer
Runtime form designer component.

Object Inspector   Object Inspector
Runtime inspector components.

Runtime Fusion   Runtime Fusion
Runtime editing components.

Form Saver   Form Saver
Save/load components/forms component.

Printing Components

Print Suite   Print Suite
Components for print and print preview.

Printer Information   Printer Information
Printer Information component.

Graphics Components

Image Editor   Image Editor
Expandable modular image editor.

Screenshot   Screenshot
Grabs image of desktop, form, control or any window.

Commented Image   Commented Image
Frame'n'text commented image.

iGrid Plotter   iGrid Plotter
Library for plotting drawing grids.

Mouse and Keyboard Components

Mouse Hook   Mouse Hook
System-wide mouse hook component.

System Mouse   System Mouse
System-wide mouse hook component.

Keyboard Hook   Keyboard Hook
Low-level WinAPI mouse functions component.

Hot Keys   Hot Keys
System-wide hot keys component.


Common Visual Controls

Progress Wheel   Progress Wheel
Advanced Round Progress Control.

Files and Folders Components

File Search   File Search
All-in-one file search component.

Folder Monitor   Folder Monitor
Folder content monitoring component.

File Version   File Version
File version information component.

System Components

Clipboard History   Clipboard History
Text clipboard monitor component with clip history support.

Window Information   Window Information
Find and control any window in your Windows.

Window Finder   Window Finder
Simplified version of Window Information component.

Device Capabitities   Device Capabitities
Device-specific information component.

System Fonts   System Fonts
Gets current system fonts.

Desktop Settings   Desktop Settings
Component for retreiving and changing the Windows desktop settings.

Windows Shutdown   Windows Shutdown
Component for shutdown the Windows XP in all possible modes.

WinEvent   WinEvent
Microsoft Active Accessibility component.


WinDowse   WinDowse
Advanced Windows analyser with source codes.

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