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Hobby Projects of the Greatis Software's Programmers
     We've been making software for more than ten years. We love this business and we dedicate almost all our time for it, but everyone of us has some little hobbies, which we like to indulge in rare minutes of breaks in beloved programming. Sometimes, these hobbies are expressed in something, that could be shared on the internet. Such are indeed projects will be shown in this part of our site. Welcome and enjoy!
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     amazinglots.com      Amazing Lots

The Best From Amazon: hourly updated lists of best sellers, hot new releases, movers & shakers, top rated, most wished products and gift ideas.

     time2buy.info      TIME 2 BUY

Daily updated lists of Amazon's deals of the day, best saving deals and ending soone deals. Order now and save.

     amazingtags.info      Amazing Tags

Browse Amazon products by user-defined tags.

     amazoncategories.info      Amazon Categories

Complete list of all Amazon's products categories. Tree contains 45,191 nodes. Free sample is available.

     Currency Converter      Currency Converter

Convert money between 173 currencies.

     Loan Calculator      Loan Calculator

Website that is made to calculate loans.

     And Nothing Else      And Nothing Else

Small, fun, free and useful utilities for Windows.

     cdtrrracks.com      cdtrrracks.com

Huge online reference for the music artists, albums and tracks that contains information about 46,000,000 tracks from 3,300,000 albums by 818,000 artists with full text search based on database with 200,000,000 entries.

     whosesong.com      whosesong.com

Contains over 20 million of track titles together with artists these tracks were released by and albums these tracks were released on.

     en-us Slang      en-us Slang

American Slang Terms and Colloquialisms for Russians with full text site search and embedded text to speech engine.

     Who Calls Me?      Who Calls Me?

This reverse phone lookup site contains all the possible phone numbers of North America.

     all the numbers      all the numbers

This website is just a joke. It is created for testing Google indexing, Google Custom Search and visitors behavior. Sections of the site contains all the possible combinations of digits within the number format.

     all the domains      all the domains

Another joke. This website contains more than googol (10^100) domains in 666 domain zones. It's all possible domains.

     all the words      all the words

All the possible words in Latin letters up to 50 letters. It's 26^50 (~5.6x10^70) words. Yes, most of these words are rubbish. However, each word has page with links to related websites.

     Soviet Phillumeny      Soviet Phillumeny

This project is dedicated to matchbox labels, which were collected in the 70s-80s in the country, which has gone today - the USSR. Today, 20-30 years later, it's very interesting to take a look on these collections and to recall, what was in those days. We assure you, it is funny and useful. :)

     Soviet Vehicles      Soviet Vehicles

Soviet automotive industry in paintable pictures.

     MegaDetailed.Net      MegaDetailed.Net

MegaDetailed.NET is our new huge project. During creating Form Designer .NET software piece we explored tons of hidden and undocumented features of .NET Framework. After it we used all the accumulated experience for creating this project, that will contain full information about the Framework and all available 3rd party .NET software. MegaDetailed.NET is more than MSDN, because it contains all the namespaces, types and members, including undocumented ones.

     FreeTechSecrets.com      FreeTechSecrets.com

On this site we will try to gather most useful technical manuals and references in most convenient and readable form.

     Win32.FreeTechSecrets.com      Most useful WinAPI programmer's references in most convenient format.
Win32 Programmer's Reference (win32.hlp)
Win32 Multimedia Programmer's Reference (mmedia.hlp)
OLE Programmer's Reference (ole.hlp)
Pen API Programmer's Reference (penapi.hlp)
Sockets 2 Reference (sock2.hlp)
Telephony API Programmer's Reference (tapi.hlp)
     man.FreeTechSecrets.com      man.FreeTechSecrets.com

Unix Manual (or simply "man") is the one of the oldest forms of electronic reference systems. First man pages were written in 1971. Despite that, it is still popular, and there are man pages for almost every *nix application. We tried to make them available in most comfortable form - on a web site.

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