• A1RunGuard Blocks Unwanted Programs

  • A1RunGuard Adds Password Protection for Apps

    Locks Any Executable Program with Password

  • A1RunGuard Prevents Ransomware Attacks

  • A1RunGuard

    Free Ultimate Process Firewall for Windows!

    A1RunGuard blocks unwanted programs, adds password protection for executables, and prevents Ransomware attacks.

    Version 1.5.2023.0310 March 10 2023


    Dark Theme

    A1RunGuard White Theme

    Bulletproof Block!

    Blocking Executable Program with 100% Efficiency

    Easy Block/Undo

    Password Lock for Any Program

    Main Password or Unique Password to Unlock Each App

    Low CPU usage!

    • No Real-time Monitoring.
    • No System Drivers Installation.
    • No System Files Modification.

    Compatible with All Known Antivirus Software

    Supported Windows 11/10/8/7 64-bit and 32-bit

    Prevent Ransomware Attack ➤

    ✓ Automatically Closing Ransom Processes

    ✓ Notifications about Ransomware Attack

    Constantly Updating Virus Definitions

    Creating your own rules (based on YARA)


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    A1RunGuard Edition Comparison

    Feature Ultimate Premium Free
    Process Blocking
    Password Lock for Any Program
    Anti-Ransomware Protection
    Event Logging
    Auto-Updating Virus Definitions
    Using Main Password
    Number of Blocked Processes Unlimited Unlimited 2
    Import/ Export Settings No
    API No
    Restrict Access to Program Settings No
    Anti-Malware Database Full Database (Ransomware, Trojans, Keyloggers, Unwanted Apps, Info Stealers) Limited Database (Ransomware, Trojans) Limited Database (Ransomware)
    Automatically Block Malicious Processes No No
    Custom Incident Response Actions No No
    Custom Rules (YARA based) No No
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    A1RunGuard Quick Look

    How A1Runguard protects against "Revil" Ransomware

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