Command Line Arguments

Get the list of available commands

A1RunGuard.exe /?

Add a new blocking item:

  • Block a process by the process file name
    A1RunGuard.exe /add "Process Name"
  • Block a process by the full file path
    A1RunGuard.exe /add "Process Name" /full "Full Path Name"
  • Protect a process by password
    A1RunGuard.exe /add "Process Name" /p "Password"
    A1RunGuard.exe /add "Process Name" /full "Full Path Name" /p "Password"
  • Activate the logging for the process name
    A1RunGuard.exe /add "Process Name" /p "Password" /logging
  • Redirect run to another executable file
    A1RunGuard.exe /add "Process Name" /run "Executable File Name"

Remove - deletes a blocking item

A1RunGuard.exe /remove "Process Name" or "Full Path Name"

Uninstall - remove all created blocking items

A1RunGuard.exe /uninstall

Export - writes blocking items to a file

A1RunGuard.exe /export <* | Name * | Process Name> /json | /csv "Full Path Name"

Import - adds blocking items from a file

A1RunGuard.exe /import

Update - checks for updated antimalware definitions

A1RunGuard.exe /update