Commented Image • Main Features

New in version 1.1: now you can place text within the frame, turh off the frame and/or hide the cloud comment.
Rounded rectangle
Frame can have any shape, color and width:
Rounded rectangle     Ellipse     Ellipse

Text comment can be placed on any side of the frame:

Comment Positions

Text comment can have any font and colors:


Comment frame can be moved and resized by mouse:

Comment 1. Move mouse cursor over the frame to see the resize grabs.      Comment with resize grabs 2. Click any grab to resize or click the internal frame area to move comment.

Text comment's cloud can be dragged onto any side of the frame:

Moving comment's cloud 1. Move mouse cursor over the text comment's cloud.      Click the comment's cloud 2. Press left mouse button to start the cloud drag. The target side is indicated by the line.
Drag the mouse 3. Drag the mouse cursor to the needed position.      Comment is moved 4. Release mouse button and cloud will be moved.

Text comment's cloud is resized automatically depending from the entered text:

Short text
Large text

Any properties of each comment can be edited with ready-to-use dialog:

Property dialog