Object Inspector • Features


  • Easy defining the names and values
  • Using the inplace buttons
  • Color and font customization
  • Different paint styles
  • Owner-drawing
  • Customizable drop-down lists
  • Easy using of external editors
  • Ready-to-use inspectors
Property Interface
  • Unique TProperty class for easy accessing to any property or event of any VCL object
  • Easy access to RTTI internal data
  • Easy access properties at runtime
  • TPropertyInterface component
  • Built-in property editors for most standard property types
  • Easy adding and modifying the property editors
  • Adding custom properties
  • Filtering the properties
  • Sorting the properties
  • Easy translation the names and values
  • Easy adding and customizing the drop-down list
  • Input validation
  • TComponentComboBox and TComponentTree controls