RegRun Reanimator - Automatic Malware Removal

RegRun Reanimator - Automatic Malware Removal

Reanimator allows you to automatically delete malware using the special command files called RNR files, received from Greatis Software support team or made by a user.
After receiving response to your open ticket from support team, you will see "regrunlog.rnr" file attached to your ticket.
Also, you can receive "rnr" file attached to the mail message or download from web site.
Save regrunlog.rnr file to your hard drive.

What is Regrunlog.rnr file?

Regrunlog.rnr is a common text file and you can open it using notepad for learning and printing.
Regrunlog.rnr includes the commands to the Reanimator.
Reanimator reads the "regrunlog.rnr" and executes the commands.
Disconnect your computer from network!
Pull out your network or modem cable from your computer.

1. Restart your computer to the Safe mode.
Read instructions how to go to the Safe mode here.

4. Click on the "Open regrunlog.rnr" button and locate for saved "regrunlog.rnr" file.
Reanimator will execute commands from regrunlog.rnr file and save results of execution to the "regrunlog.log" file.
5. You will be prompted to restart your computer.
6. Boot to the Safe mode and repeat steps 2-5 again.
Sometimes it is required to repeat the cleaning 3 times.
7. Restart your computer to the Normal mode.
8. Open Reanimator.exe and choose "Send report" tab.
Make a new "regrunlog.txt" - your detailed system report.
9. Connect your network or modem cable.
Open your browser and jump to Greatis Support Center.
Open your ticket.
10. Attach "regrunlog.txt" to your ticket.
And in addition, attach "regrunlog.log" to your ticket.
Please, never paste regrunlog.txt to the ticket message, because the message text is limited by size and it will be truncated.
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