Remove HOMATING.XYZ virus (Removal Guide)


Investigation Target: HOMATING.XYZ

Case: 11279
Investigation Date: June 15, 2024


HOMATING.XYZ is classified as Browser Adware

Harmful actions:

Annoying Popup Ads

HOMATING.XYZ displays intrusive popup ads with harmful content in the browser.

How to remove pop-up ads?

You cannot close the ads because there is no close button, or a new pop-up window will appear immediately.

Solutions to solve the problem:

  1. Clean your web browser.
  2. Install uBlock Origin extension for your browser to remove ads and block adware websites:
    uBlock Origin for Chrome, uBlock Origin for Firefox.
  3. Check your PC using Ultimate Malware Killer UnHackMe.
    (Sorry for shameless advertising, but I know that it is 100% safe and working because my company created it)

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  4. Also, I recommend using AdwCleaner, Hitman Pro, Emsisoft Anti-Malware.

How to remove HOMATING.XYZ virus manually? (Virus removal guide)

  1. Reset your web browser settings.
    Reset your web browser settings

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  2. Disable the browser extensions.
    Disable extensions
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How to remove HOMATING.XYZ using UnHackMe?

STEP 1: Install UnHackMe (1 minute).

  1. Download UnHackMe from the official website.

      Free Download

  2. Double-click on
    Unzip all files from the zip to a new folder.
  3. Double-click on the unhackme_setup.exe.

    Start installing UnHackMe

  4. You will see a confirmation screen with a verified publisher: Greatis.
    Choose Yes.
  5. Then, you have to accept the license agreement.

    UnHackMe license agreement

  6. After that, choose a destination folder.

    Choose destination directory for UnHackMe

  7. Complete UnHackMe installation.

STEP 2: Scan for HOMATING.XYZ malware using UnHackMe (1 minute).

  • The first scan will start automatically.

    Remove malware with UnHackMe

STEP 3: Remove HOMATING.XYZ malware (3 minutes).

  1. Carefully inspect found items.
    Malicious items are marked with a red shield.
    Suspicious items are yellow.

    UnHackMe automatically creates a System Restore point before fixing!
    It is required to have the Windows System Restore active in case of deleting the important files to be able to recover them.

    Next step: click the red button: Remove Checked!

    Remove a virus using UnHackMe

  2. UnHackMe may ask for your confirmation to close all browsers.

    Please do it!

  3. If you want to quarantine files before deleting, check the box "Use file safe deleting."

    Fixing options

  4. And after all, you will see the results of your scanning and fixing process:

    Finish of removal process!

STEP 4: (optional)

    • Clear your browser cache, cookies, browsing history.
      Chrome: Press CTRL+Shift+Del keyboard combination or open Settings, Privacy and security, Clear browsing data.
      Clear  cache, cookies, browsing history in Google Chrome
    • Delete temporary files.
      Open Start menu, type: disk cleanup, choose Disk Cleanup from the results.
      Another way: press Win+R, type: cleanmgr, hit Enter.
    • Clean the Recycle Bin.

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