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Form Designer .Net

Runtime Form Designer Suite for .Net WinForms

Form Designer .Net allows you move and resize any control on your .Net application form at runtime. You don't need to prepare your form to use Form Designer .Net. Just drop Form Designer .Net control onto any form, assign the DesignedForm property, set Active property to true and enjoy!

See screenshot of full-functional form editor based on Form Designer .Net:

Form Designer .Net | Float Style Demo

After activation of Form Designer .Net you can select, move and resize any control in your form by keys or mouse. Form with activated Form Designer .Net looks exactly like Microsoft .Net designer in Visual Studio or Delphi.

You need only one line of code to make the form editable by our Form Designer .Net:

designer1.Active = true;

As you can see it's very simple. You can use our Toolbox component and the example of PropertyWindows using to create your own form editor.

Last version of Form Designer Suite has new "framework" mode which can be used after assigning any container control to the new DesignContainer property.

Form Designer .Net | Framework Style Demo

Now you can edit your form by two ways: on-the-fly or by inserting it into your own external "framework" window. You choose. Of course, no manual coding in both of these cases.

From our client:

"Kinetic Automation Pty Ltd has developed an application called reSCADA that extends and enhances the usability of a .Net SCADA product called OPC Systems.Net from Open Automation Software. reSCADA offers a pre configured project and adjustments to the forms and controls are made available to the end user without the use of Visual Studio. Greatis Software Form Designer .Net was originally selected based on functionality and price. What was not expected was the extensive functionality of this product, excellent demonstration source code, the professional and courteous support we received and the quick response to email communications. As a result we feel our reSCADA product exceeds our expectations and we would like to extend our thanks to Greatis Software and strongly recommend this product to anyone considering Form Designer .Net."

Chris Dunne, Director of Kinetic Automation   

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