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.NET Components for Visual Studio .NET, Delphi 8, Delphi 2005 and Delphi 2006
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Delphi to C#

Form Designer .NET

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Form Desigber .Net

Delphi to C#

Delphi C#
Palette tab Component Control Category Info
Standard TMainMenu MenuStrip Menus & Toolbars
Standard TPopupMenu ContextMenuStrip Menus & Toolbars
Standard TLabel Label Common Controls
Standard TEdit, TMemo TextBox Common Controls TextBox control has optional multiline functionality
Standard TButton Button Common Controls
Standard TCheckBox CheckBox Common Controls
Standard TRadioButton RadioButton Common Controls
Standard TListBox ListBox Common Controls CheckedListBox is also available
Standard TComboBox ComboBox Common Controls
Standard TGroupBox GroupBox Containers
Standard TPanel Panel Containers
Additional TBitBtn Button Common Controls Button has image and background image functionality
Additional TMaskEdit MaskedTextBox Common Controls
Additional TStringGrid DataGridView Data DataGridView control can be used with DataSet component
only and have both text and drawing features.
Additional TDrawGrid DataGridView Data
Additional TImage PictureBox Common Controls
Additional TCheckListBox CheckedListBox Common Controls
Additional TSplitter SplitContainer Containers There is no separated splitter control
Additional TStaticText Label Common Controls All controls in .NET including Label are windowed
Additional TControlBar FlowLayoutPanel Containers
Win32 TPageControl TabControl Containers
Win32 TImageList ImageList Components
Win32 TRichEdit RichTextBox Common Controls
Win32 TProgressBar ProgressBar Common Controls
Win32 TUpDown NumericUpDown Common Controls Edit with updown buttons instead of separated updown control
Win32 TDateTimePicker DateTimePicker Common Controls
Win32 TMonthCalendar MonthCalendar Common Controls
Win32 TTreeView TreeView Common Controls
Win32 TListView ListView Common Controls
Win32 TStatusBar StatusStrip Menus & Toolbars
System TTimer Timer Components
Dialogs TOpenDialog OpenFileDialog Dialogs
Dialogs TSaveDialog SaveFileDialog Dialogs
Dialogs TFontDialog FontDialog Dialogs
Dialogs TColorDialog ColorDialog Dialogs
Dialogs TPrintDialog PrintDialog Printing
Dialogs TPageSetupDialog PageSetupDialog Printing


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