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All-in-one software that includes a lot of useful and totally unusual features!
for Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP

Current version: 4.0

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DesktopKeeper is the totally unique software that really works with Windows 2000/XP. Desktop Lock feature might be useful if you want to protect your desktop from unauthorized access and determine if someone shows interest in it.


  • Specially designed for Windows 2000/XP and works with Windows 95/98/Me.
  • Lock Ctrl+Alt+Del, Alt+Tab, CTRL+ESC etc.
  • Auto lock when system idle.
  • Lock at specified time.
  • Auto lock if reboot without unlock.
  • Lock reminder.

How it works?

Right click on the DesktopKeeper icon in the system tray and choose Lock Desktop command in menu. Desktop will be locked. The computer appears absolutely usual and unprotected. But if an intruder attempts to click upon an icon with the mouse or keyboard he would fail; additionally, DesktopKeeper will record every pressing of the keys and buttons, both on the keyboard and the mouse.
The complete description of the intruder actions contains in the text log file with the event time fixed.

How to Unlock?

In order to unlock, right-click the mouse and select "Unlock"; enter the password.

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I was looking for something that would keep my 7 year old daughter and 12 year old stepson out of my computer so I installed DesktopKeeper. Not only did it keep the kids out when I didn't want them on it, but with all the other features it has I use it even when the kids aren't here.

Thanks for the great product,

Chris Wagers
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